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The SPA of Mazots

« The sauna is the pharmacy of the poor ».(Sauna on köyhän miehen apteekki.) Finnish proverb.


The sauna

Sauna is a very old Finnish word which means « steam room ». The ancient Finn warmed the steam room with stones which were carried at very high temperature in the hearth and on which they were poureing some cold water with a kind of a big wooden ladle.

Our sauna, situated in the masonry part of the chalet, can welcome 2 people. Warmed at high temperature, it offers the benefactions of the Scandinavian saunas. A shower allows then « to dive » into the cold.


The jacuzzi

External bath with bubbles, our jaccuzzi is situated in edge of the terrace, slightly in height. Dive there and you can relax by admiring the magnificent sight and while benefitting from the sunset … and why not a champagne flute to perfect this moment!


The massages

On request, sessions of massage can be organized. (reservation according to the availability)





The hotel Mazots de la Source proposes moments of wellness in an authentic and cordial space. Wood, water, relaxation, pleasure of being there.

The outside jacuzzi offers you a plunging view on the valley of the Rhône and on the summits of the Valaisan Alps, our jacuzzi invites you to the relaxation and relieving.

For the customers of the hotel, sauna + jacuzzi CHF 40.-/hour per person.